Auction News 11/21/2019

Poll Results
St. John loves their John Hughes’ high school movies with Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club combining for almost 50% of the vote!

Question of the Week – What Should I Wear to the Auction? 
Regardless of the theme, we know St. John parents and community love to get into the Auction spirit.  This year is no different – we are encouraging Auction guests to show their school spirit however they wish and we can’t wait to see it!  Wear a jersey of your favorite school team, your high school band costume, or perhaps your valedictorian regalia. If you would rather skip the jerseys and spirit gear, cocktail attire is a great alternative.  Dress however you feel most comfortable and be ready for a fun night!

Free Dress Auction Item
Did you buy “Free Dress for Two Fridays” at last year’s Auction? Auction Free Dress days will be November 22 and January 10.  If you did not have a chance to purchase the Free Dress days but would like to, you may do so here.

Thank you
Thank to our volunteers who helped out at the St. Al’s Auction last Saturday night: Kristen Capka, Telia Oines, Monica Overby, and Susan Turner!

Thank you to everyone who dropped of their Auction items yesterday at our first procurement drop off!  Our 2nd procurement turn-in will be on January 15th at the flag pole during morning drop off.  You can also turn in your donations at any time to the Auction office, located in the Administration Building, or the School office.

Would you like to sponsor the Auction?  Find Auction sponsorship information here.  Sign up before December 20th to be eligible for a 10% discount.

Thank You, Sponsors!
Salinas Construction Inc.
Drum Major
Greenwood Ohlund & Co,
Smile Ballard
Valley & Company Events
Yearbook Editor
Broderick Architects
GPT Greenwood Physical Therapy
The Saki Group – Residential Sales/Leasing
Team Mascot
Aspire Capital Advisors, LLC
Cafe Bambino
Color Guard
Thirsty Fish

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