Etched Wine Glasses created by the Class of 2020

Inspiring Stemless Wine Glasses 

The graduating class of 2020 personally created beautiful hand-etchings for this rare collection of stemless wine glasses. Celebrating their past nine years at St. John, 8th graders selected a word inspired by one of the school themes from their time here. Words like joy, community, faith, and love fill our hearts and now can fill our cupboards! Order your one of a kind creation by your favorite artist (student), or choose by inspirational word to create your own collection! These make great gifts for relatives and teachers and are special keepsakes for all.

These glasses make both a wonderful memory for families and a beautiful addition to your glass collection. Use the order form below to purchase a group of glasses based on words that have special meaning to you, or the students who created them, or even just handwriting that you love. You will never tire of toasting with these glasses that have such a very special meaning. Glasses are $20 each.

 Click on glass for a larger photo.