Auction update 11/27/18


A great way to meet your $250 Auction donation is to procure items from your favorite businesses.  Many businesses are happy to donate items or services to our school! Simply click on the Procurement Form, print, and submit to your desired business.  The next procurement turn-in is Wednesday, January 16th at morning drop-off.  Thank you for your efforts!

Wine Grab

While you are out shopping this holiday season, please consider purchasing a nice bottle of wine to donate to our Wine Grab! This game is always a fun treat at the Auction.  Please fill out this form: Wine Grab, and return it to the School Office or the Administration Building with your bottle of wine.  Thank you!

Volunteer(s) Needed

Are you looking for ways to help out with the Auction? We are in need of a volunteer to coordinate this year’s Auction Raffle!  This could be a 1 or 2 person job.  Please contact Andrea Marquez ( for details.


We would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of our 2019 Auction:

Salinas Construction, Inc., Salinas Family
Ecco Architecture & Design, Pasco & Hussing Families
Greenwood, Ohlund, & Co., O’Rourke Family
Farmers Insurance, Evans Family
Smile Ballard, Curalli Family
Greenwood Physical Therapy, Osaki Family
Shameless Mom Academy, Dean Family
Guidant Financial, Burckhardt Family
Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle, Aguila Family
The Saki Group, Tsurusaki Family
NW Pediatric Dentistry

We truly appreciate our sponsors! If you would like to sponsor the Auction, please visit our sponsorship summary page and complete the sponsorship agreement form.  Thank you.

Save the Dates!

December 21st – Last day to receive 10% sponsorship discount

January 16th – 2nd Procurement drop-off

February 14th – 3rd and final Procurement drop-off

February 22nd – Wine Underwriting Event: BINGO!

Karen Bombino & Kristen Capka

Questions? Contact (no “n” in Kare)or or