Auction Newsletter #3

Procurement Items

The next procurement drop-off is next week – February 8th – at the flag pole. Look for our 7th & 8th grade volunteers who will be dressed in their 80’s garb, they will happily collect your procurement forms, bottles of wine, donation checks or items. We will accept auction procurement forms/items until March 3rd.

As an added incentive, anyone who has dropped off their auction procurement items by February 8th (our next drop-off date) will be entered into a raffle for $50 in Scrip of their choice. This means everyone who has dropped off their items since November will be entered into the raffle.

Remember to check which businesses have been approached and add your own to the list:

Procurement Wish List

U2 Joshua Tree tickets, May 14th at Century Link Field
Signed Seahawks’ jersey or ball
UW locker room tour
Standup paddle board gift certificates
Gift cards
Bottles of wine
CASH donation are always WELCOME!


We would like to welcome the following sponsors – Li’l Woody’s, FAT’S Chicken & Waffles, Ciudad, Nelle Steele Research, Melissa Tindall with NWG Real Estate, Tallarita Campbell PLLC, and Alasdair Turner Photography. We are honored that so many school families have agreed to sponsor the auction, it is inspiring. With more sponsors underwriting the auction, more money will be deposited into the school’s Operating Budget.

We thank you for considering a sponsorship. You can find more information and forms here. The deadline for sponsorships is March 3rd.

Your Prom Pictures

Thank you to the brave souls who have already sent in their prom pictures: the Makeda coffee tickets are in the mail! Remember to look at the auction bulletin board outside of XDC to see your fellow parents all dressed up!

Please send your prom pictures to and receive a Makeda coffee drink ticket! We would love to receive as many prom pictures as possible to make the auction a fun, community event. It’s okay if the prom picture came from a different decade.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Karen Bombino at or at the
Thank you.

Thank you St. John Auction Sponsors