Auction update 12/11/18

Thank You, Sponsors

We would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of our 2019 Auction:

Big Island Sponsor $10,000

  • PCVA Law – Reich Family

Maui Sponsor $5,000 (1 available)

Oahu Sponsor $2,500 (2 more available)

  • Salinas Construction, Inc. – Salinas Family

Kauai Sponsor $1,000

  • Ecco Architecture & Design –  Pasco & Hussing Families
  • Greenwood, Ohlund, & Co. – O’Rourke Family
  • UNITS Moving & Portable Storage – Nedialkov Sala Family

Lanai Sponsor $500

  • Animal Surgical Clinic of Seattle – Aguila Family
  • Aurora Plumbing
  • Broderick Architects, PLLC
  • Farmers Insurance – Evans Family
  • Greenwood Physical Therapy – Osaki Family
  • Guidant Financial – Burckhardt Family
  • Shameless Mom Academy –  Dean Family
  • Smile Ballard – Curalli Family

Niihau Sponsor $250

  • Nelle Steele Research, LLC – Steele Family
  • Osborne Northwest Public Relations – Osborne Family
  • Overland Real Estate – Overland Family
  • The Saki Group – Tsurusaki Family

Kahoolawe Sponsor $100

  • NW Pediatric Dentistry
  • Rub-a-Dub Dog, LLC – Schenken Family

We truly appreciate our sponsors!  Sponsoring the Auction greatly reduces our costs and allows more money raised to go directly to our school!  If you would like to sponsor the Auction, please visit our sponsorship summary page and complete the sponsorship agreement form.  Respond by December 21st, and receive a 10% discount.  Thank you.

Thank You, Volunteers 

The Auction is four months away, but these parents and volunteers have been working hard on procuring and organizing items, following up with sponsors, and brainstorming creative ideas.  Please join me in thanking – Kristen Capka, Amy Szyszko, Kara D’acquisto, Lauren Exnicios, Madeline Pennington, Erin Kalanquin, Julie Skinner, Steph Wade, Allison Payne, Becca Young, Robin Sheridan, Ingrid Mesa, Wilo Dietrich, Carolina Gomez, Erika Lawrence, Melissa Herron, Cindy Semick, Jennifer Bachhuber, Kate DeMotts, Amy Gentzkow, Lisa Behringer, Barb Folger, Page Harader, Kimberly Butler, Meg Deines, Becky Masters, Rachel Douglas, and Amy Kim.


Save the Dates!

December 21st – Last day to receive 10% sponsorship discount

January 16th – 2nd Procurement drop-off

February 14th – 3rd and final Procurement drop-off

February 22nd – Wine Underwriting Event: BINGO!

Karen Bombino & Kristen Capka

Questions? Contact (no “n” in Kare)or or